Return of the Living Podcast is a perfect fit for some added content to keep our website informative and interesting. At Jailhouse Pizza, many things go "bump in the night". Paranormal seems to be live and well at the restaurant. With numerous occurrences encountered by customers and ghosting hunting groups, we have come to the conclusion that so many people can't be wrong. Owners and employees with first hand instances just are the tip of the iceberg....

Follow along here as Return of the Living Podcast hosts and guests give you a perspective of everything haunted, weird, educational and just down right. This is an adults podcast, so please use at your own discretion and mature audiences only.

Return Of The Living Podcast is your ONE destination for all things horror. We talk movies, television, comics, books and the haunted house industry!

An in depth podcast on the ins and outs of the Haunted House Industry, Horror and Sci-Fi films, Comics, and pretty much whatever else comes up in the uncensored, off the wall, in your face podcast.



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Brad Bamforth

Brad is currently employed at the Fear Fair in Seymour, IN where you can find him trying his best to make you scream! Before working at Fear Fair, Brad spent time working as an actor at the Haunted Hotel (2012) and the Baxter Avenue Morgue where he started in 2008. He has been doing home haunts since he was a young child, even turned his bedroom into a haunted house to scare his grandmother (bless her heart, she'd always scream). He currently works at Cox Media Group where he is a man of many talents and has a wife and two children that he cares deeply for, but that's for another show. He also enjoys movies of all sorts and his favorite band is The Prodigy.


Jared Howell

Jared is an actor at The Haunted Hotel in Louisville KY and has been a spook for 6 years. He's got a love for the supernatural and all things that bump in the night. Avid comic book reader and musician, he's on his way to being a decent pop culturist.


Corey Kirkpatrick

Corey has been an actor, make-up artist, builder, and casting director at numerous haunts and KY and IN wrestling star CaK. He began haunting in 2004 and hasn't stopped since acting in 4 different haunts most noticeably as the character of Dr. Blood for 5 years. Growing up on Comics, wrestling and Horror he has a vast knowledge.